Meet The Managers & Designers 

Ian Murray 
business owner

A dedicated and passionate hands on owner; steering his team with a creative vision to transforming outdoor spaces.

Rachel Corfield
office manager

Keeps operations running smoothly, ensuring the team's success in creating beautiful outdoor spaces.


A versatile garden designer with a keen eye for blending creativity and functionality within the space.

Tony Whittle
Site Manager

Oversees every aspect of your garden project, ensuring that the design is executed to perfection.

Our Design Process

We maintain complete transparency in all our processes, ensuring there are no hidden charges or additional fees.

Step 1 - ​​​consultation

Our process starts with a phone consutation & ​questionnaire to determine the best service for your project: Birch, Ginkgo, Ash or Oak

Step 2 - ​Survey

We conduct a site visit to capture survey photos and ​precise measurements of your garden.

Step 3 - create

Our designers create stunning 2D & 3D visual representations of the new garden designs.

Step 4 - feedback

You receive 3D images of the garden design. This is followed by a zoom call to discuss the designs within the 3D model in detail, and gather your feedback.

Step 5 - Amendments

Once we receive your feedback, we endeavour to incorporate your suggestions into the design.

Step 6 - sign off

The complete design is presented to you on a final video call.  Once the design has been approved we provide an itemised construction quote.

You are under no obligation to proceed with 4D Garden Design, ensuring you have the freedom to make an informed decision.

Our Construction Process

We maintain complete transparency in all our processes, ensuring there are no hidden charges or additional fees.

Step 1 - Deposit

We request a 10% deposit to secure the next available build slot

Step 2 - ​Site survey

Two weeks prior to starting we conduct a site survey to review the plan and schedule the works. 

Step 3 - deliver

Our team will bring or be on-site to accept delivery of equipment and toilets.

Step 4 - Clear

The early days on site mainly consist of clearing and laying out. 

Step 5 - Build

Construction of hard landscaping including paths, walls and buildings.

Step 6 - garden

The planting is completed and the garden is handed over to you.

Our Construction Team

A group of dedicated professionals who are passionate about their craft. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, they take great pride in turning design concepts into tangible outdoor masterpieces. Whether it's laying the foundation for a lush garden, constructing elegant hardscapes, or meticulously planting to bring a design to life, this team works with precision and care to ensure that your outdoor space is not just beautiful but also functional. Their expertise and craftsmanship are the driving force behind the transformation of your outdoor space.

Landscape Maintenance

Our garden and landscape maintenance teams provide a range of seasonal packages designed to support either you or your regular gardener. These packages are carefully crafted to guarantee that all significant seasonal work is completed, thus ensuring that your garden remains in great condition throughout the year. With a focus on both regular upkeep and special seasonal tasks, our packages offer comprehensive care to meet the unique needs of your outdoor space.